2nd October - Non Violence Day & Gandhi Jayanti

2nd October,

In India, we are Celebrating 2nd Oct as a Gandhi Jayanti and International nonviolence day.

Mahatma Gandhi is a Symbol of Non-Violence that’s why we recognise that 2nd Oct Mahatma Gandhi Birthday as Non-Violence Day

Mahatma Gandhi always talks about Truth and Nonviolence and that’s why he is best political and spiritual leader in India.

Mahatma Gandhi is lead helped in Independence Day without violence with Angrej.

From that Day we are Officially Celebrate 2nd October Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti and International NonViolence Day.

If you Question or confused about,

when and how the world decided 2nd October non-violence day?

So here is Wikipedia for International Violence Day – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Day_of_Non-Violence

In above Wikipedia link, you got why we are celebrating 2nd October as a non-violence day and who decide to celebrate first etc…

If you are Politician or Public figure and if you want to speech on this 2016 International non-Violence day so you are in right place because here above some of the nice topics that you should use in your motivational and inspirational nonviolence speech.

Below We have best Slogans and Quotes for this NonViolence day from Gandhi.

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