Live In Relationship Advantage and Disadvantage

Is this Live In Relationship is Good or Bed ?

If we are talking only in India, still live in relationship is a bed for parents.

But we all know India is fastest growing country.

And Indian people easily accept western clothes and lifestyle.

We are not in long, there live in relationship ratio is higher than married people. Live in relationships are more suited to today’s fast-paced life.


Let’s start talking about live in relationship advantages and disadvantages.

Live In Relationship is Good or Bed

  • Advantages of Live In Relationship

The Main Advantages of Live In Relationship is Responsibilities. If you are married then you have lots of responsibilities like families, finances, and societal duties etc… but in live in a relationship not you are legal and social bond with your partner.

In Live in Relationship, you don’t have necessary to any kind of compromise with your life. You can live as you can without any hustle.

The best advantage is Financial Freedom. Most of the men thinking that no one asks for where they expanse his money and why etc. So financial freedom is best benefits of Live in the relationship.

In now day couple is trying to test the relationship before marriage. If then the relationship is worked good so they will be married to each other. This is the new trend of a new independent couple.

And another one benefit in live in relationship is both are truly equal so anyone is not in depending on each other.

If you are bored or not happy with your partner so pack your bag and leave your partner without any  hustle.

  • Disadvantages of Live In Relationship

Most of the couple are the easy way out with living in a relationship because they will not bind with any legal commitment.

In Live In the relationship, most women suffer from biologically, mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.

For women, it is very difficult to an understanding spouse after living in relationship with someone else.

After born children, it is very difficult when you are in the live-in relationship. That child faces lots of problems if his parents are separate.

Sometimes decides to buy something jointly and after the breakup, that is legal issue arises.

Sometimes lots complaint got for physical and verbal abuse in live in relationship couple.

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